Romancing SaGa 2

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Game Overview

Sit upon the throne of the Varennes Empire and control several generations of rulers in a valiant battle against the Seven Heroes. A dynamic freeform scenario system – a hallmark of the million-selling SaGa RPG series – enables you to take command of a variety of protagonists along the line of imperial succession and experience the history of a nation as it grows and changes based on your actions.

Game Info

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: Dec 15, 2017
  • No. of Players: 1 player
  • Category: Role-Playing
  • Publisher: Square Enix



Allowing you to pick your own heir to the throne and affect direct change across a whole country is impressive, making the story feel like its your own. This is emotionally strengthened by other elements like permadeath. While it can be frustrating to play at times, it is absolutely worth experiencing Romancing SaGa 2; a truly hidden gem in the Square Enix library. -Game Revolution

This is one of the more unheralded Super Nintendo JRPGs, but the update is of a high quality, and while I don’t think it’s a classic example of the genre by any means, it is still a very enjoyable game. A clean, enjoyable combat system, plenty of enemies to fight, and a bit of exploration and puzzle solving on the side; this is the kind of classic JRPG experience that I’ll never get tired of. -Digitally Downloaded

Gameplay Video

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