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Game Overview

Defend the planet through high-speed mech action.

When the moon tore apart, the sky bled red with light, ushering in an apocalyptic new age…and to survive, you must fight. As a mercenary, defend Earth through high-speed combat against corrupted robots in a series of missions from the cockpit of your Arsenal, a fully customizable mech. Equip your Arsenal with a vast array of parts and weapons, obtain more from downed enemy Arsenals, and swap them on the fly to suit your strategy in the face of ever-rising threats.

In this brand-new action game from Kenichiro Tsukuda (Armored Core) and mech designer Shoji Kawamori (Super Dimensional Fortress Macross), your environment is your ally. Collect and use Femto Energy on the field to boost your stats and create powerful mirages; or wield objects like cars and street signs as melee weapons and projectiles. For even more power, upgrade your physical combat abilities and learn new skills through body modification. It’ll also come in handy when you eject from your Arsenal and fight on foot using special weapons and abilities.

  • Defend Earth through high-speed mech combat against corrupted robots
  • Kenichiro Tsukuda, well known for his work developing the Armored Core series, and his talented team have developed this brand-new title with the goal of making it “the best mech action game” out there
  • The player’s avatar and Arsenal are fully customizable with a variety of options
  • Defeated enemies may drop ammo and weapons, which the player can obtain and use on the fly
  • Squad up with three other players* to destroy titanic bosses in online** Co-op mode
  • Mech designs created by Mr. Kawamori, who also worked on the Armored Core series and the Super Dimension Fortress Macross series

Game Info

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: Sep 13, 2019
  • No. of Players: up to 4 players
  • File Size: 5.8 GB
  • Category: Action
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Marvelous Entertainment



Daemon X Machina sets the bar for robot action games. The addictive mecha fighting is almost flawless, but it’s complemented by so many other incredible parts to the game. There’s a rich, unique world filled with incredible and memorable characters, endless and addictive customisation, gorgeous visuals and a jaw-dropping soundtrack. Daemon X Machina rarely stumbles, and even when it did, I still couldn’t help but be impressed by this amazing new experience. –TheSixthAxis

Daemon X Machina makes the player feel like a futuristic mech pilot, but they can never escape a dull story that keeps interrupting the action. –Screen Rant

A passion project for its developers, this game has been originally dismissed by the players, but has managed to revive from its ashes due to constructive feedback from the community. Despite its drawbacks, regarding technical restrictions and the underperforming A.I, Daemon X Machina is a game suited to genre lovers and those who enjoy co-op action, and has all the requirements to develop even more. –GameOver.gr

Daemon x Machina is a frantic action game with an interesting atmosphere and mechas. However, it is overshadowed by its optimization, bugs and a predictable story. –Nintenderos

The sum total of my experience with Daemon X Machina is positive. The combat is amazing, the game is bright and colorful, the framerate mostly holds up in either docked or handheld mode, and the hangar is great to tinker around in, checking out all the different configurations of my mech. That’s what I’m going to remember out of all of this, which is safe for me to say because most everything else in this game is pretty forgettable. –Destructoid

Gameplay Video

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